Client Case Studies

‘Rocky Road’ ran smoothly…..

In order for our client to be able to market and sell this exclusive country house at the desired price tag, the printed brochure had to scream quality – but turnaround had to be extremely quick – just four working days from receipt of artwork!

Richard Edward Limited was called upon to manage the entire process including press passing on their behalf as time was so tight.
Digital proofs were provided and our reprographics department aided the client at the approval stage.

Printing was carried out using our Man Roland 700 ten colour and finishing using our in-house facilities.  Our production team worked with supply chain partners to ensure that all out-sourced elements of the work were carried out smoothly and to the expectation of the customer.

All work was delivered on time and to budget with the client being delighted with the overall result and the property well on its way to being sold!


 A Landmark achievement….

The Landmark Development collateral was the first piece of work that the organisation produced for Calton and Co, and produced to support the launch of the new property development.

The client did not have a print buying function, and was inexperienced in producing printed matter, therefore, the relationship between our organisation and the design partner, to manage expectations was critical.
We were called upon to translate the marketing objectives into printed collateral, which was then given to the designer as a template.

To ensure optimum results, the client was provided with several mock-ups on a range of stocks, to aid selection.

The brochure had to promote an aspirational life-style as well as the physical property, therefore, the print treatment of the photography, together with use of lamination and UV was important.
Colour had to be consistent with cross-media promotion, and ofcourse, throughout the elements of this project.

All production was carried out using our on-site integrated facilities.

We delivered on schedule to the client who was absolutely delighted with the finished results and we received the following comments from the project manager.

Just received the brochures and they look great.  Wish I had gone for more spot UV as it looks gorgeous.  Next time, remind me of that!!!

Thanks so much.

Intricate design into perfect print….

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal brochure to support the London’s Celebration of Cultures event, was produced as part of a suite of collateral including tickets, menu’s and a direct marketing campaign.
The client is especially demanding, in terms of deadline and expectation, particularly, as a copy of this brochure was destined for Prince William, the patron of the charity.

The design of the brochure was particularly intricate, as the creative director wanted to include gold against a red and white background, using very fine line drawings as outline.

To ensure that the fit was perfect, we printed the black text onto the solid gold background, which meant over-coming the challenges of ensuring that the black ‘sat up’ on the gold, without losing any of the intensity or depth of colour.

Additionally, colour consistency across the entire suite of collateral had to be maintained.

As always, a tight deadline was set, and we delivered on our promises, which prompted our client to send us the following comments.

Just a note, to say thank-you for the fabulous results that you have achieved with the Celebration of Culture brochure.  I have to say, I was nervous as to how the intricacy of the design would translate into print, but both the client and I are really happy with the finished result.

Report and Accounts for the public sector

This was a prestigious piece of work that we won, due to our ability to perform to a tight turnaround, whilst maintaining the quality required.

As the flagship document for the most coveted government department print account, this report and accounts, was destined for an important audience, and we felt very pleased, that our past performance ensured that we were trusted.

The job had a no fail delivery date, as it was due to be presented to parliament for discussion at a certain time.
As the stock specified was uncoated, we managed to integrate wet proofing to ensure that colour expectations were met.

We utilized our 24 hour capacity to ensure that we delivered on time.

Annual Report perfection

We were awarded this piece of work both on our ability to deliver a quality piece of work, but also incorporating the requirements of integrated mailing and fulfilment competence.

The client was particularly keen for us to keep the tints consistent from page to page, including the cover, which was printed on an uncoated stock and the text, a silk.  This was achieved with careful attention to detail, and the use of our pre-calibrated curves for different stocks, and CMS.

We were given a reasonable lead-time, but this was condensed during the production process, however, we met the revised deadline, and performed the fulfilment and mailing function in a day.

The client was delighted, as they operate in a third party capacity, and we received the following comments:

We have been working with Lupus Capital plc on their Annual Report for many years so it's crucial we have a printer we can rely on to get it right first time. The 2008 Annual Report and Accounts was printed beautifully and your  efficiency made me feel in good hands to meet sensitive deadlines. The Report mailed as required and both the client and I are very pleased with the final printed document.